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Injection molding, a technique known for its injection and molding process, offers numerous benefits. It's characterized by its rapid production pace and high efficiency, with the capability for automated operation. This method allows for a diverse range of designs and colors, accommodating everything from simple to intricate shapes and from large to small sizes. It's notable for producing products with precise dimensions and facilitates easy product replacement. Injection molding is particularly effective for creating parts with complex shapes

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From CNC Prototyping to Production

Our core success at Insight prototype is driven by robust manufacturing capabilities. Powered by state-of-the-art technology and advanced machinery, we consistently deliver exceptional precision and efficiency across various projects. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities span CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, and more, catering to diverse industries and applications.

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We have a professional technical team and have won honorary titles such as "Industry Leader" and "Excellent Enterprise of the Year". With 13 years of manufacturing experience, it will be delivered to you with scientific production techniques and processes.

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We have a professional R&D team, 5 major processing centers, 20+ high-tech talents, 40+ technical operators, and 40+ post-processing personnel. Ensure efficient and orderly completion of your order.

Have the most efficient workflow

We have the most efficient workflow, from drawing design analysis, material evaluation, machining, quality control and inspection, fast shipment of products. Reducing extra time per process minimizes lead times.

Materials for Custom lnjection Molding Parts

These are commonly molded plastics that our injection molding service provides. After knowing the basics of materials, like common grades, brands, advantages, and disadvantages, choose the right injection molding material depending on your application requirements.

  • ABS-like
  • PMMA
  • PA66/PA66+GF


ABS plastic has the common properties of three components, A makes it resistant to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, and has a certain surface hardness, B makes it have high elasticity and toughness, S makes it have the processing and forming characteristics of thermoplastics and improve electrical properties. Therefore, ABS plastic is a kind of "tough, hard and rigid" material with easy access to raw materials, good comprehensive performance, cheap price and wide use. ABS plastics have been widely used in machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ships and other manufacturing industries and chemical industry.


PMMA is a kind of polymer, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, with high transparency, easy machining and other advantages, is commonly used as a substitute for glass. It is widely used in instrument parts, automotive lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes.


Its products not only have the excellent properties of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional crosslinked vulcanized rubber, but also have the characteristics of easy processing and wide processing methods of ordinary plastics. Thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR material has become the latest material to replace traditional rubber, its environmental protection, non-toxic, comfortable feel, beautiful appearance, make the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a more humanized and high-grade new synthetic material, and it is also a world-standard environmental protection material.


Polyamide plastic products are widely used in a variety of mechanical and electrical parts, including bearings, gears, pulley pump impels, blades, high-pressure seals, pads, seats, bushings, oil pipelines, oil receptors, ropes, transmission belts, grinding wheel adhesives, battery boxes, electrical coils, cable joints, etc. The production of packaging belts and food films (high-temperature films for cooked food and low-temperature films for refreshing drinks) is also quite large.

Small Molded Parts within Days

Injection molding makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to source the custom-manufactured parts you need, precisely when and how you need them.

Surface Finishes of Injection Molding

Injection molding includes injection mold tooling, plastic injection molding, and more. The surface treatment of the mold is usually completed during the production process. After the injection molding is completed, we will carry out certain surface treatments on the finished product as per your requirement.

Name Description Material
Screen printing Screen printing is a cost-effective way to add logos and logos to your designs, and is often used to identify custom parts during secondary processing. Stainless steel
oxidation Anodizing can form an oxide film protective layer on the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, thereby increasing the density and corrosion resistance of die-casting parts. Anodizing can not only obtain a high transparency oxide film, but also dye a variety of bright colors with fuel.
Hard anodizing not only has high hardness and thickness, but also has low roughness. It can greatly improve its wear resistance.
Aluminium alloy

Surface Finishes of Injection Molding

Our robust production capabilities, comprehensive services, and strong quality control offer fast and cost-effective solutions that will help you improve your brand.

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What Our Customers Say

A customer’s words have a more substantial impact than a company’s claims – and see what our satisfied customers have said regarding how we fulfilled their requirements.


This professional shop is run by two of the most reliable people I have met in the industry. Their quality of work, communication, work ethic, and overall performance warrant more than 5 stars. I was even able to sit down with them and work through my design to ensure manufacturability would not be an issue before making an order with them. I know that that was outside of the scope of work for them, but it goes to show how much they care about their clients. 10/10 would recommend.” -

Nathan L.

Mechanical Engineer


insight prototype always gives us what we need. We received the holed parts in the correct position and finish on time. Their user-friendly website means faster turnaround

Jackson Siu

Mechanical Engineer


insight prototype provides professionalism and ease of use. They fulfill the orders so I don't have to wrestle or manage with suppliers. We buy the quote and Yunsheng takes care of the rest.

Bruce Kyles


Gallery of lnjection Molding Parts

Check out our extensive gallery that shows precision machined prototypes and parts from our valued customers.

About the CNC Milling Process

With milling, the stock that the part will be cut from is usually a six-sided bar or sheet of material (though it can be also a cylindrical rodi). This stock is fixtured to the bed of the machine and the features of the part are cut using a rotating tool such as a drill or endmill.

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